Skate Sharpening

Skate sharpening, skate repair;

Professional skate sharpening service 

Receive accurate leveled sharpening in your own custom radius hollow

$7 ea or get a 10 bundle pack for $60


portable skate sharpening and pro-shop service

Look for us with the same level of care and attention to detail at the local tournaments or request our services

Call/Text Rob to inquire

Flare Skate Blade

Flare skate blades; best skate blades

Supplier for premium performance Flare Skate Blade

Crafted from the finest quality steel and machined to an exceptionally high level of precision

Made in Canada

Carbon Fiber


repaired carbon fiber bike

Although it's in our name, we're not limited to just hockey sticks with our repair process. In fact, we've fixed a wide variety of items including carbon fiber road bikes, light weight squash and badminton racquets,  fishing rods and have structurally fixed tent and patio umbrella connectors and much more. Check out our photo gallery and call us first before chucking that item into the landfill, we may just be able to refurbish it.



carbon fiber wrapping auto parts carbon fiber fix carbon fiber repair

We can repair/wrap a broad range of items  including; gas tanks, gun stocks, ATV parts; paddles; kayaks and/or pretty much anything. We've even fixed ABS plastic luggage

Come in and inquire.


repaired carbon fiber hockey sticks

Refurbished hockey stick sales

Repaired Senior $99; Repaired Goalie $109

New Stickfix one piece composite 

Sabre Junior $129; Sabre Intermediate $159; Sabre Pro $199

Ozone Sanitizing

Highly Effective


The natural oxidizing process of ozone is used to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses for many industries. We use Ozone to kill the source of odor, your gear is left smelling fresh and clean without the use of water or heavy detergents 


ozone sanitizing ozone disinfecting stinky gear

 Our large Ozone generating cabinets are versatile and can be set up to deodorize a few pieces of sports equipment or clothing for as little as $21, up to a complete equipment set and full cabinet for $42. 

Also, leave your vehicle for a couple hours and we can set-up and deodorize those too for $42-$63 dependent upon process time and vacuuming service. 


team equipment cleaning and sanitizing with ozone

Need us to come to you? We're portable and can sanitize and deodorize the whole team 

Let us quote a package deal

Custom work

Custom Cages


We'll order and install custom goalie cage vinyl to your liking. 1. Click the helmet to link to Custom-Cages. 2. Pick a graphic. 3. Come in and order with an installation and receive a package discount 

Made in Canada


goalie catcher relace

Goalie catcher re-lacing



We can vinylize your pads too!

Some items to consider while you wait. Get these here

Howies- Worlds Highest Quality Laces & Tape

hockey tape, hockey laces

Get Howies Hockey laces with molded tips; Howies white & black cloth tape; Howies clear shin tape; Howies stretch grip tape here

Howies is all about quality


Gear Stink
Fresh scent pods





Made in Canada


Skate blade protectors

Tuff Terry Skate Blade Covers

Reinforced both inside & out

Made in Canada